Three Little Birds   NEW!

A great summertime

seed blend for Colorado Springs!

Songbird Supplies - Local Birdseed for Local Birds!™  A Colorado Springs small business featuring

local wild birdseed blends. 

2204 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO  80904         Click for Directions & Hours     719-475-1700

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Amber Waves of Grain

Attracts juncos, towhees, doves and other fun, ground feeding wild birds!

Rocky Mountain High

A premium, no millet feeder blend. This is the ultimate mix for songbird feeding.


No shells = No mess!

Clean feeding is Bear Aware!

Encore !

Jays, nutcrackers and other crazy critters cheer for more – Encore !™

Songbird Symphony

An instrument for every song at your feeder - Symphony has it all!

Our Songbird Seed Blends

  • Our blends are specifically formulated for Colorado’s songbirds

  • My signature blends are Colorado Proud!

  • We use only the freshest, cleanest seeds in our mixes

  • No 'cheap cheap' filler grains

  • If you have a question about birds, feeders, or seeds, we are here to help

  • A local Colorado Springs small business

Why Buy
SongBird's Blends?

We’ve created quality wild birdseed blends for the backyard bird feeding enthusiast.

Our birdseed recipes are specifically formulated for our Colorado birds – no fillers, no dyes and no ‘cheap-cheap’ ingredients!

Quality and affordability is everything in both birdseed and feeders,

and you can have both! 

Songbirds love our seed, and they sing praise for our unique

line of birdhouses, quality feeders and backyard bird supplies.

Songbird Supplies – Local Birdseed for Local Birds!

     A small, independent Colorado Springs business

    Read more about Songbird here

Welcome to Songbird & the Orchid!

   Located at 2204 W. Colorado Ave, 80904!

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