Songbird Supplies - Local Birdseed for Local Birds!™  A Colorado Springs small business featuring

local wild birdseed blends. 

124 E Cheyenne Road, Colorado Springs, CO  80906         Click for Directions & Hours     719-328-9234

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Home Delivery Service Now Available!!!

For those who love to feed the birds but don’t enjoy hauling heavy sacks of seed,

we can deliver! Let the seed fly right to your door, and the birds won’t be far behind!

It’s simple and very cost effective!

Why is it cost effective?

#1  To start, my prices are flat out lower than any other bird store in town, and I can even beat most of the big box stores! Because of the way I do business, I can offer premium quality birdseed blends at a better price. I buy local, I am local.

#2  You get my same, best price on either delivery orders or directly at the Farmer’s Market. A lot of business now have a “delivery price list” and “in store price list.” I believe in being fully transparent.

Click here for information on my specialty blends and prices.

Are there delivery fees?
     Colorado Springs (within city limits)
          * FREE Delivery on orders over $50. Orders under $50, a minimal $5.95 flat fee.
     Monument and surrounding area
          * FREE Delivery on orders over $75. Orders under $75, a minimal $6.95 flat fee.
     Woodland Park, Divide, Florissant and Ute Pass corridor
          * FREE Delivery on orders over $75. Orders under $75, a minimal $7.95 flat fee.

     Not in one of those areas? Contact me and we’ll figure it out.

     *Special note on delivery fees – I will do whatever I can to WAIVE the fee. For example,

     if I have a holiday or summer Farmer’s Market in your area, I’d be glad to stop by post

     event. I also have family in these areas, and can time delivery in some circumstances.

     *Terms subject to change. Order minimums are pre-tax.

What are the delivery dates and times?
     We will arrange a time and that mutually works, usually a few days from the order   


How do I pay?

     You pay at time of delivery. I will give you the total at time of order. Cash or personal

     check is preferred. Please let me know if you need to use credit card.

How do I order?
     Contact me via email or phone.

What else should I expect?
     I will stock the seed where you want it. No more lugging heavy bags and pouring them

     into seed bins yourself! I can also fill your feeders, provide expert feeder setup advice,

     answer questions, and help you trouble-shoot any problems. It’s all part of the

     excellent service you get when you buy direct from a local small business!

Will you deliver feeders or other products?
     I can bring any feeder or product that I normally stock. I can also special order most

     items at a highly competitive price.

Will you leave the birdseed if I’m not home?
     I prefer to not leave seed bags on the porch, although the neighborhood squirrels

     have chirped and pleaded. I will leave it only if you have a critter secure receptacle or

     area. I prefer if you are home for the delivery.

So, stop wasting your gas and time fighting city traffic to buy other seed! Let it fly to your door! Contact me now!