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Mountain Bluebird Bungalow


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It’s always a great time to hang a birdhouse! Some species have multiple clutches, so even in mid-summer you could get nesters. Non-migratory species such as white-breasted nuthatches and chickadees investigate boxes throughout the year and are ready to nest when that special time arrives. Bluebirds arrive in very early spring to aggressively claim their home. And, many birds use nest boxes as warming shelters during bitter cold winter storms.

Chickadee, Nuthatch & Titmouse


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Blue Pine Bird Houses

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Custom Designed and Locally Built

Harvested from beetle kill pine, our birdhouses artfully transition our forests into their next stage of eco-functionality. What does that mean? Within our urban landscape, most dead trees are immediately removed as unsightly or unsafe. You can help recreate these lost wildlife snags by placing a bird house in your yard. And even if you live around a major burn or beetle kill area, there is still a need to take action. Burned and beetle killed trees don’t have the soft core that cavity-nesting birds need in order to excavate.

Being a bird landlord is not only fun for all ages, but it also allows people to directly participate in citizen science. Watch as birds check out the house, hang the “no-vacancy” sign, and then raise their little ones. And, by increasing suitable nesting habitat, you are directly helping the birds. Bluebirds and purple-martins are two amazing conservation success stories. All three bluebird species populations were decimated by the 1940’s and 1950’s, but through the ongoing dedicated efforts of people like you, their populations have drastically rebounded.

We at Songbird Supplies personally designed all of our boxes to be ornithologically correct for the species listed. Our boxes include:

  • 3/4” thick wood adds needed insulation for cold nights.

  • Venting cools the box during warm days.

  • Raised floor with drainage cuts ensures dry, comfortable nesting.

  • Elevated nest riser alleviates blow-fly larvae from biting the babies.

  • Predator guard keeps the nestlings safe from unwanted paw reach-in. And if a squirrel starts to gnaw to enlarge the opening, the guard can easily be replaced saving the box.

  • Sizing of the houses and entry holes are specific to the species intended. Many manufacturers average the sizing to create a one-box-fits-all approach which isn’t effective (for the birds anyway).

  • Fledgling scerfs provide grip for the little ones to look out for their next meal and climb out when the time has come.

  • Easy cleanout as the side door pivots open for easy cleaning and nest monitoring.

  • Oversized roof extends well beyond the entrance hole to protect the birds from rain and predators.

  • Mounting hardware included with each box. Plus, the rear mounting board has been pre-drilled, and we increased its size to allow for easy box mounting access and stability.

  • Kiln-dried wood purifies the wood and minimizes shrinkage to provide years of enjoyment.

  • Natural blue-pine coloration is not only simply beautiful, but it is also functional and sustainable. Lighter and earth-toned boxes are both cooler and more readily accepted by potential nesters.

  • No treatment has been applied to the house, as paints and finishes may harm the birds and nestlings. In fact, the more weathered the box gets, the better natural habitat it becomes for these clinging birds!

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