How did Songbird get it start?

Michael, the owner, had thought about opening a wild bird store many times throughout his life. His first serious thought was in late college, when he approached one of the large national franchises where he had shopped since he was a boy. They smiled politely and said "come back when you got a couple hundred thousand dollars." He entertained the idea a few other times while working in the nonprofit sector, but after 10 years doing environmental conservation work, he knew it was time.

In 2013, he approached another local store owner to inquire if they were looking to sell and retire. However, after only a handful of days in discussions, Michael walked away as there were far too many ethical issues with that business’s operations.

"While starting from scratch may be the hardest path to take, being able to build my own business with my own values and my own approach was everything I could've dreamed for."

Releasing a Wilson's Warbler post banding at Chico Basin Ranch. 2014

About the owner:

A Colorado Springs native, my first backyard birding memory was watching a flurry of Pine Siskins at my grandmother’s thistle feeder in Manitou Springs. I eagerly hung a thistle feeder (now known as Nyjer) at my house and waited years to attract those finely streaked beauties. Of course, growing up in the eastern part of town, that became an exercise in patience! Nevertheless, the passion was born, and was fueled by summer visits to my Grandpa’s cabin near St. Mary’s Glacier, Colorado.

My childhood love of all things nature led me to a 15 year career in the non-profit sector, the last 10 working with a local conservation group, Wild Connections. Preservation of Colorado’s public lands and wildlife is deeply important to me. Our work to identify, protect and restore these lands to ensure the survival of native species and ecological richness is one that broadened my view of nature’s splendor.

Becoming a small-business owner, like most of my family members, and working in the backyard birding industry, is a dream come true. I’m still non-profit at heart, which guides how I run my business. That is why I seek to support our local conservation groups who do such amazing and needed work. My mission is to help my customers discover the same kind of passion I found as a child, which will fuel a lifelong affinity for “all things nature."

Happy Birding,


  • Without those 'cheap cheap' filler grains so typically found in commercial mixes, you are getting 100% bird eating goodness. Don’t waste your money again on filler grains birds don’t eat.

  • ALL of my signature blends are Colorado Proud, and I pass the $avings on to you.

  • Birdseed is heavy! Most big box stores, and even the specialty franchise chains, ship in their birdseed. That transportation cost is passed on to you.

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Service & Expertise:

  • If you have a question about birds, feeders, or seeds, we are there to help! We are Your backyard birding experts.

  • And if you ever have a problem, I’m the owner, I want to help.


  • Mixed in Colorado Springs; we are personally involved in each batch of birdseed we blend

  • No 'cheap cheap' filler grains

  • Our blends are specifically formulated for our Colorado songbirds, including a blend for Teller County & Monument

  • I’ve personally selected only the best feeders on the market today. There are a ton of different feeders and brands out there, and most are not very good! Let us help you find one you will truly enjoy.

What makes Songbird Supplies unique?

A Colorado Springs native with a lifelong affinity for backyard birding, I wanted to create quality mixes specifically formulated for our Front Range birds. Quality and affordability is everything in both seed selection and feeders, and I realized that you can have both! Songbirds love our seed, and they’ll sing praises to you as thanks!