How did Songbirdget its start?

Michael, the owner, had thought about opening a wild bird store many times throughout his life. He entertained the idea after graduating college, but then after 15 years in the non-profit sector, he and his wife Rebecca, a zoo professional specializing in Rocky Mountain native species, knew it was time!

In 2013, Michael started developing his birdseed recipes, and by summer of 2014, Songbird was getting in front of the nature loving public at 5 farmer's markets a week.  Then, through a unique small business partnership with Summerland Gardens, we opened our original store in 2015!

"While starting from scratch may be the hardest path to take, being able to build my own business with my own conservation values and my own approach was everything I could've dreamed for.

Releasing a Wilson's Warbler post banding at Chico Basin Ranch. 2014

Owner Bio

A Colorado Springs native, my first backyard birding memory was watching a flurry of Pine Siskins at my grandmother’s thistle feeder in Manitou Springs. I eagerly hung a thistle feeder (now known as Nyjer) at my house and waited years to attract those finely streaked beauties. Of course, growing up in the eastern part of town, that became an exercise in patience! Nevertheless, the passion was born, and was fueled by summer visits to my Grandpa’s cabin near St. Mary’s Glacier, Colorado.

My childhood love of all things nature led me to a 15 year career in the non-profit sector, the last 10 working with a local conservation group, Wild Connections. Preservation of Colorado’s public lands and wildlife is deeply important to me. Our work to identify, protect and restore these lands to ensure the survival of native species and ecological richness is one that broadened my view of nature’s splendor.

Becoming a small-business owner, like most of my family members, and working in the backyard birding industry, is a dream come true. I’m still non-profit at heart, which guides how I run my business. That is why I seek to support our local conservation groups who do such amazing and needed work. My mission is to help my customers discover the same kind of passion I found as a child, which will fuel a lifelong affinity for “all things nature."

Happy Birding,

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                              Growth Stage 2! We become Songbird & the Orchid!

Island Orchids opened in 1989 and features the largest selection of colorful, flowering orchids in Southern Colorado. Songbird had outgrown our initial retails space and the owner was seeking to retire. Michael and Mary met for tea, and in 2 hours we had a deal!

The businesses merged in 2017 to create a unique shop in Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs’ historic Westside.

                                A Commitment to Conservation

Songbird was founded with a purpose – to donate profits back to conservation. Our initial program, “Change for Chirpers,” has fledged! Now, the Songbird Conservation Initiative has taken flight. We seek to assist communities and conservationists through Central America, as well as here at home, in helping preserve the lands, flora, and fauna upon which our migratory birds depend.

                               Stay tuned for how YOU can become directly involved!